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0.What's the difference between us and other account providers

Answer :

①We use a real Malaysian physical SIM card to verify the account, which is very stable .

②We registered our Nike SNKRS account using a real iOS or Android device

1. What's the difference between 3.0 Nike Accounts and 2.0 Nike Accounts?
Answer :3.0 is Real IOS, Android device registration,Verification has a higher entry rate than 2.0 Nike accounts

2. Question: About why I can’t check status of my accs verified? The status of accs always is loging in.
Answer: Please start cookie generation before u start accs checker. About this part, BNB group have a completely explanation on their Dc channel.

3. Question:Are our snkrs accounts US or UK accounts?
Answer: Our snkrs are UK or US, which are be chosen. However, it will works worldwide.

4. Question: What pricie is our snkrs accounts?
Answaer: Guest must purchase at least 25 snkrs account.1.26usd per account(Please use discount code10%off "THEBEST" )

5. Question : Will BestAIO often giving away Accounts for free?
Answer : Yes we do! be often check our twitter and Discord! Dont forget to follow us on twitter

6. Question: Can i often change my region of snkrs accounts
Answer: It's best not to switch countries frequently because it easily get flagged by Nike

7. Question:Are our snkrs accounts US or UK accounts?
Answer: Our snkrs are UK or US, which are be chosen. However, it will works worldwide.

8. Question: Can I use UK or US accounts even if I am not in those locations?
Answer: Yes! Accounts work worldwide and the location of the accounts doesn’t matter. You can without any issues, use US accounts in EU or Asia and the other way around.
Once you have used an account in 1 location, those accounts should stay in that location and not be used for another drop in another country.
Example: Do not run EU and US with the same accounts.

9. Question: How soon can i get my order?
Answer: Most orders are delivered by email on the same day of your purchase

10. Question: Do i nedd a bot to use your accounts? Which bot is recemmended?
Answer: You can manually login to each account and enter draws; however this may be very tedious if you have a lot of accounts, so using a bot will be much more efficient. We do not recommend any bots as they will all work with our accounts. Like GHOST, BNB.....

11. Question: How many accounts can i make purchase on Nike/Snkrs with the same credit card? Can i use same shipping address on all accounts?
Answer: There is no set number of accounts you can use to purchase the same item on a single credit card. It is best to use as many credit cards as possible as this may increase the chance of your Nike/Snkrs orders not getting cancelled. If you need more payment methods, you may try to use virtual credit card services like Token or Revolut.

12. Question: If i test my accounts on BNB, the status is"The remote server returned an error(403)". Is this an account issue?
Answer: No. If have this issue, please check your pc system, proxy..... . Or easier method that communicate with BNB manager.

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